Fast track you digital marketing reports

Fast track your digital marketing reports: #cx2advisory #growthnirvana #marketinganalytics

A conversation about accelerating decision-making by making your marketing organization more agile. This is a recording of the webinar with Growth Nirvana.

There has never been more digital marketing data than there is today. With that comes the challenge of turning all this data into insights that can be accessed and understood by marketing managers promptly, so they can act upon it.

And with marketing analytics platforms collecting marketing performance across multiple marketing channels (online marketing, offline marketing & customer relationship), marketers must deal with even more significant amounts of data. Aggregated data at best - but often, they face too much complexity when trying to drill down to the actual customers who acted on their campaign, visited the website, or purchased from their site. In addition, what about understanding how well their marketing activities have contributed to the sales figures? How do you tie together both online and offline activities?

On this webinar, you will learn:

- How to evaluate your marketing organization
- Eliminate spending that will never turn a profit
- Scale hidden gems that will turn a profit
- Identify if your marketing analytics process is broken
- Understand why you don’t get answers to marketing questions in minutes
- Use less staffing in preparing excel files and focus more on analysis (data analysts, report makers)
- Use no-code tools to speed up and manage your implementation - minutes, not months
- Move from essential to advanced reporting
- Improve data quality

Jesús Hoyos, Principal Consultant @ CX2Advisory
Ajay Varia, CEO and Founder @ Growth Nirvana
Max Raphel, Investor