Should We Have Different B2C And B2B Strategies #conversacionesdecrm

Should We Have Different B2C And B2B Strategies #conversacionesdecrm

Should we have different B2C and B2B strategies?

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Should we have different B2C and B2B strategies? #conversacionesdecrm #podcastdecrm #cx2advisory #diginomica

I know Jon Reed, Co-Founder of, from our many CRM and Analyst Relations conferences. A few weeks ago, he posted a comment on LinkedIn about B2B and B2C, that made us set up a meeting to discuss the similarities and differences of B2B and B2C. So, we are now going to discuss our opinions on this live stream. I will bring my perspective based on the Latam region as well as the many implementations I have done with the #Solvis team. Jon will bring a unique approach to this topic based on his analysis and learnings with vendors. It used to be easy. B2B was business-to-business and B2C was business-to-consumer.

Now, though, because of the Internet, there is a blurring between these two worlds. The reason for this difference in approach is that companies today need to start thinking about their customers as individuals rather than solely within the context of the business itself. If you are selling products to consumers, they can now research their choices online before they buy.

They will know all about the features and benefits of your product already before they talk to you, so it's not good enough simply to provide information. Also, once people have bought something online, they tend to look for additional products to buy. So, the phrase "one-off sale" is being replaced by "ongoing relationship". B2C is now all about building up a relationship with customers that you can continue to develop over time. But B2B is still very much about that one transaction, then maybe another transaction if the customer is satisfied. Join us to discuss B2B vs B2C, and we will also talk about the impact of content marketing.

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